June 7, 2018

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  1. GEANT4 simulation update -Eric K [1]
  2. GEANT3 simulation update -Bill H [2]


1. Discussion of GEANT4

Checked x-y hit distributions at various location using virtual planes in the simulation. Tried to track back the origin of the blob structure shown on the detector plane. Something weird shown at the Dipole exit. Hit plots look rotated, but it's because of Solenoid field.

Asymmetric hit distributions on the left and right hodoscope planes when coincidence hits are required. May come from asymmetric phi range in the generator.

Quad magnets seem to be not set well. Many particles hitting 3rd/4th quad shown from both G3 and G4. Stick with the same setting with Bill until we have better ones.

Suggestions: try check plots with Solenoid OFF. Set generated phi range symmetric.

2. Discussion of GEANT3

Bill showed his quad scan results at 2.2 and 1.1 GeV. For 2.2 GeV, we may look at the setting that was used for the data taking and scan around there. Sanghwa will send Bill the values. Dave suggested to try a strong focusing at Q1, and relax a bit in Q2 and do weak focusing again at Q3. Questions raised on what's at the entrance of the dipole. Dave mentioned that the movable collimators are out according to Sasha before. Some detailed drawings on this area would be useful.

Attendees: Bill, Eric, Don, Dave, Rich, Simona, Cip, Kent, Sanghwa