MOLLER Pion Background Meeting Friday, April 14, 2017 9:00am EST

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Meeting Information

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Phone Number: 1-888-240-2560

Meeting ID: 624029893


  • Wouter: General simulation updates.
  • Scott: Lead wall thickness determination.
  • Jacob: Pion detector optimization. WM ELOG 79WM ELOG 80
  • Any new business?


Attendees: David, Wouter, Paul, Seamus, Kurtis, KK

Not Attending:

Scribe: Kurtis

  • David:(Tracking related) We should really start having MOLLER tracking related meetings soon. Seamus will give a review of the tracking related items at the collaboration meeting. David will email Silvu about summer designer time that he has available.
  • Wouter: General statements
    • Noticed an implementation issue with a generic sensitive detector and aux tags in GDML. Has been fixed.
    • Absorption lengths in air and lucite have been set to their correct values. The 1 meter cut is now longer included. Absorption length should be correct now for those materials.
    • Also working on implementing a sensitive volume on the surface between the lucite and the light-guide. This will help quantify the number of photons coming from the Cherenkov light in the lucite with out the added effect of reading out from the PMT and light-guide geometry.
    • Also working on exploring the possibility that pmts and lights-guides should be point inside radially instead of point out. This should help minimizing the cost of the lead shielding and possibly help with background suppression. David - This should reduce the cost of the amount of lead shielding needed.
    • Planning to include a wedge between the lucite and the light-guide similar to the main detectors. This will probably better couple the light-guide to the lucite.
    • KK - If you go with the pmts radial pointed inside, then make sure they are in the shadow of the first collimator. Looking at Rakitha's directors review talk slide 11.
  • David(Jacob's work) - Looking at WM ELOG MOLLER 79 and 80
    • WM ELOG MOLLER 79 - At this point, the results show that we should really shouldn't have a light-guide at all. We should just directly couple the PMTs to the lucite. We are a bit dubious about this result and will continue to investigate.
    • Jacob also has some preliminary results on optimizing the light-guide length, lucite thickness in Z, PMT size(diameter), lucite angle with respect to the incoming pion from the lead wall.
    • KK - Need to run a simulation to get the photon shadow in that lower radius region.
    • Wouter - Ran a quick simulation with the light-guides pointed inside. Seems that we should have a enough space. Still need to keep that in mind in the future. This design should allow some separation of the ep ee signal the detector sees.
    • KK - Should implement the optical properties that have been benchmarked with test beam data. Basically, slow and fast scintillation components.
    • Wouter - No scintillation component implemented yet.
  • KK - Point of agenda: Results organization, how do we store our results in log book form or docDB. Seamus will be able to talk on what SOLiD has implemented.
  • No meeting next week, collaboration meeting.