MOLLER Pion Background Meeting Thursday, August 3, 2017 2:00pm EST

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Meeting Information

BlueJeans Call Information


Phone Number: 1-888-240-2560

Meeting ID: 624029893


  • Wouter: General simulation updates.
  • Scott: Lead wall thickness determination.
  • Nevin: Pion Calorimeter Studies
  • Director's Review Questions (Completed by end of summer 2017):
    • mu+ + mu- background?
    • beam dump back scattering background?
  • Any new business?


Attendees: Wouter, Paul, Seamus, Nevin, Kurtis(late)

Not Attending:

Scribe: Kurtis

  • Wouter: Planning to merge some of the pion branch geometry in to main branch for others to use.
  • Scott: Running some initial simulations with a simple Shower Max type detector, also reduced size of the virtual detector before the lead wall to better understand the pion spectrum incident on the lead wall.
  • Wouter(Nevin's Report): Working towards a layered calorimeter design, which is optimized for electron/pion identification. This is probably overkill for our desired application. As the purpose of the calorimeter is really for simulation benchmarking in tracking mode.
  • Wouter: Haven't gotten very far with the mu+ + mu- background generator. Has taken a back seat to the other branch merging tasks currently being worked on. The plan is to implement a generator that will read in Mad-Graph output.