Meeting 2018 10 03

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GMn GEM commissioning Meetings: Thursday 9:00am - 10:00pm

Link to all previous meetings: GMn GEM Commissioning Meeting

Bogdan, Evaristo, Kondo, Michael, Nilanga, Siyu, Tongtong... 

Status and plans for the week (Kondo)

  • Meeting with Whit today to discuss setup of UVa GEMs in EEL clean room 124
  => gas system safety requirements: Studies already done by Dave Meekins and Whit => Expect all the specifications and list of items to purchase from Whit by the end of the day.
  => Cosmic stand uni-strut frame: We discuss a few detail and agree in principle with the design => Whit will take a further look at the number for the mechanical properties to validate the design
  • Got an e-mail from Bryan Moffit on the modifications and upgrade of the MPD modules in order to be able to read APV25 configuration(registers) from i2c
 => The hardware+firmware solution involves connecting wires between a leg of an i2c repeater and a hole on the PCB that are reserved for FPGA I/O (pretty easy solution).  
 => The control over these I/O pins is given in the new firmware.  This solution only provides you with the capability to read back the APV registers.
 => will send a our MPDs 9not in use to him to implement these modifications (hardware + firmware) and then when Paolo arrives, he will test them with the libraries
  • Will resume the cosmic data taking of the INFN chambers
 => Change gas bottle yesterday and start flowing gas at low rate
 => the chamber are at a low voltage 1kV. will start data this afternoon. 
 => Plan is to take some HV scan  

Status of the decoder / tracking software development (Siyu)