Meeting 2018 12 13

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GMn GEM commissioning Meetings: Thursday 9:00am - 10:00pm

Link to all previous meetings: GMn GEM Commissioning Meeting

Kondo, ... 

Update on UVa GEM commissioning (Siyu, Kondo)

Update on INFN GEM commissioning (Evaristo)

  • Working to estimate the GEM efficiency at different HV and gas flux to find the working point. We have reasonable statistics; progress is relatively slow due to end-of-year extra commitments.
  • Two new GEM modules are almost ready in Catania; Will be shipped to Rome at the beginning of new year (also to avoid the higher risk of bad delivery during Christmas time).
  • 9 additional GEM foils have been ordered from CERN (delivery not yet known)
  • Discussion with Bogdan about building GEM with diagonal strips to help to suppress the expected high background level; this is an old question which has been somehow neglected. We probably have to discuss it a little bit.

Update on MPD electronics (Paolo)