Meeting 2019 03 14

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GMn GEM commissioning Meetings: Thursday 9:00am - 10:00pm

Link to all previous meetings: GMn GEM Commissioning Meeting

Kondo, ... 

Update on UVa GEM commissioning (Kondo)

  • HV cables: Working with Chuck, will prepare some short HV cables with male nd Female SHV connectors to be connected directly to the chambers. I also talk to Mark for the long cables (60m), will get them later
  • HDMI cables: We now have all the short cables we need for the second layer assembly. I also sent request to mask for the purchase of all the short HDMI cables needed for the 10 layers.

I will also bring 3 new type of long cables (10 m) this afternoon to be tested by Tongtong to select the best option following his previous test with Evaristo's 20m cables this test should be completed tomorrow so that we make a final choice and send the purchase request to Mark for the large quantity (340 pieces.

  • Gas connector fix: I glued back the broken plastic piece for the gas flow system in one of our module. I will check this afternoon the result and add a second layer gluing to consolidate the system
  • Plastic screws for the divider board: Got plastic screws, nut and washer to attached our divider board to the modules - Try it successfully on one module, we will ave to do it for all remaining modules (simple job)
  • Support of the backplanes on the Alu frames: We came up with a simple design to support the 12-slots back planes on the the GEM Alu frames: Siyu will give the preliminary drawings and I will find a way to have the pieces produced for the second layer
  • Modification of the GEM frames: We need to drill some holes in the Alu support frames for the GEMs to make some clearance for the plastic screws supporting the divider. Talk to Mark, he is trying to get the mechanical shop to do the job for us
  • Gas bottle: On Monday we will switch from the current Ar bottles to N2 to flow gas in both assembled GEM layers

Update on assembly of second layer (Siyu)

Update on data taking (Tongtong)

Update on Logbook ELOG (Malinga)

Update on INFN GEM commissioning (Evaristo)

Update on MPD electronics (Paolo)