Meeting 2019 04 04

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GMn GEM commissioning Meetings: Thursday 9:00am - 10:00pm

Link to all previous meetings: GMn GEM Commissioning Meeting

Kondo, ... 

Update on UVa GEM commissioning (Kondo)

  • Short update
- HV test on N2 of the 4 modules of layer#2 done OK see link:

- Plan to do HV test of the GEMs or layer#1 on the cosmic stand again and then move layer#2 on the cosmic stand as well

- Made the purchase request for 34 UVa long cables for layer#2 + a set of MONO cables for one module done with Mark 

- Modification of the one set of GEM Alu frames (for clearance holes for the GEM divider boards) completed from machine shop. We will test the modify frame during the assembly of the layer#3

- We will have to setup a standalone test bench of backplane + APVs before mounting on the chambers (see Siyu's slides)

- Drawing of the backplanes support on the Alu frames almost completed. 

- Identify with Bogdan some counters that we will use to trigger our cosmics - Need someone for the test of the divider and PMT for these modules with the help from Bogdan

- We will be busy with the PREX GEMs in the next 3 weeks => delay the UVa GEM layer assembly. 

- We need more active participation of all the people involved in the activity => things are going at a too slow pace ...

Update from Siyu

Update from Tongtong and Malinga

Update on INFN GEM commissioning (Evaristo)

Update on MPD electronics (Paolo)