Monday, Apr. 4: OWL Shift

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Specific mission

  • Production on LH2

DVCS: Kin_48_4

- 15uA
- LH2 target
- Calo_theta= 10.1(deg), Distance = 2.5m (from target) - LHRS=3.36GeV, angle=24.925(deg), Q1/Q2/Q3=1916.640(readout:1900)/1600/1600 (Q1 regul.OFF)
- RHRS=2.204GeV, angle=48.75(deg)
- PreScaleR : PS1=PS2=PS3=1, && PS8=200
- PreScaleL : PS9 =1, + DVCS config.

- Raster : 2x2mm^2

General Info

Harp scan

When in need of asking MCC for a harp scan don't forget to mention that the raster should be OFF.

Beam centering

Before starting checking the beam (the profile with harp scans, its centering with the raster target or the C hole target, etc.) don't forget to turn OFF the DVCS calo HV, and also the HV on the VDCs. When ready for production don't forget to turn them back on.

BPM/Spot++ Check

  • After a period of 3 hours or more without beam (like beam study, pass change,...) ask MCC to run 5uA 2 by 2 rastered beam on the carbon hole target and make sure you can see the hole (use Spot++ to analyze the C hole run)