Monday, April 30, 2012 4:00pm

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  • Detector work to be completed before next collaboration meeting
    • detector geometry into mollersim
    • standalone optics simulations for quartz
    • other new work that could be presented by the collaboration meeting
  • How to divide simulation work
    • Peiqing - put in detector geometry and work on detector class(es?) including optical constant messengers, etc.?
    • Jon - stand-alone code with results double-checked in mollersim?


  1. Detector work to be completed before next collaboration meeting
    1. standalone optics simulations for quartz (Jon)
      1. code developed for and benchmarked against PREx for NIM paper
      2. put in quartz shape/lightguide geometry for MOLLER
      3. eventually checked in mollersim
    2. development of mollersim for detectors (Peiqing)
      1. detector geometry into
      2. development of detector classes
      3. benchmark to Qweak
  2. Design issues:
    1. shape of lightguide
    2. shape of quartz
    3. placement of quartz
  3. Simulation issues:
    1. structure of simulation
    2. parameterization so that changes can be easily accommodated
    3. "philosophy" of mollersim
  4. Other simulation projects of interest
    1. collimator optimization (Jon, KK, Juliette)
    2. coil placement sensitivity study (Jon, Juliette, KK)
    3. geometry for tracking detectors
  5. Other topics related to detectors
    1. TRIUMF electronics
      1. bandwidth - lessons learned from Qweak - may not be optimal
      2. raster modulation (beam backgrounds) should be considered
      3. reversal rates - 2x960 Hz - still feasible

Action items:

  • Supergroup meetings
    • Mark Pitt to organize
    • want 2-3 meetings (every 3 weeks?) before next collaboration meeting (end of July?)
    • Simulation not a part of this group per se, but Dustin or Juliette should always attend
  • Electronics at TRIUMF
    • Michael will confer with Dave to make a report to supergroup
  • Simulation
    • next teleconference (May 4th, 3pm) will be about simulation structure
    • following (supposed to be May 18th, will be changed) will be a progress report on this meeting
    • simulation meetings to discuss simulation issues - physics results and/or questions could be reported at supergroup meetings

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