Monday, March 20, 2017 3:00pm EST

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Last meeting: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 2:00pm EST


  • Updates
  • Next meeting time


Attending: Jim, Ernie, Cameron, Juliette, KK

  • Juliette still needs to take spectrometer summary and turn it into a schedule/task list
  • Prototype status
    • envelope fitting
    • redid calculations
    • rewrote the specs
    • Question - how many vendors?
      • Stonybrook now, so should be ok
      • NH + Everson; if too different, then pursue third
    • considering not using the fast-setting, high rad-hardness epoxy
      • don't need rad-hardness - could test another one
      • sets faster - need to test?
    • should be getting quotes soon
    • special meeting, then order within a day or two after
  • Cameron update
    • good progress on radiation simulation to design localized shielding
    • want to keep track of significant sources of radiation
    • neutron radiation increased after changing thickness of roof
  • continue pre-engineering
    • how to support the inner photon collimator and designing the mount
    • Jim or Jason - estimate of the time
    • motion system - proof-of-principle for physics and heat dissipation
    • need an alignment system, and it will be buried in shielding
    • do need to be able to align after pull vacuum (unless rigid enough)
    • define beam center-line ahead of time
    • vertical and horizontal motion shouldn't be too hard (but not angle adjustments)
  • Various other things
    • detectors
    • shielding
    • two JLAB designers from target (Silviu) - time in May and June
      • upstream vacuum chamber
      • detector support structure
      • collimator motion system
      • need a plan
  • prepare MIT work package for May-September - new contract
  • Collaboration meeting late April (probably 21-22, possibly 28-29)
  • Next meeting will be March 29, then again April 12, 26th etc.

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