Monday, May 21, 2012 3:00pm EST

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Action items from last meeting:

  • Supergroup meetings
    • Mark Pitt to organize
    • want 2-3 meetings (every 3 weeks?) before next collaboration meeting (end of July?)
    • Simulation not a part of this group per se, but Dustin or Juliette should always attend
  • Electronics at TRIUMF
    • Michael will confer with Dave to make a report to supergroup
  • Simulation
    • next teleconference (May 4th, 3pm) will be about simulation structure
    • following (supposed to be May 18th, will be changed) will be a progress report on this meeting
    • simulation meetings to discuss simulation issues - physics results and/or questions could be reported at supergroup meetings


  • Supergroup Meetings
    • Organized by Mark Pitt
    • 1 per month in June, July and August, before collaboration meeting in mid-September
    • Tentative Dates and Major Topics for Supergroup Meetings
      • June, 11th or 12th - Spectrometer Update (Juliette)
      • July, after the 14th - Tracking (speaker TBA)
      • August, 23rd-31st - Detector Simulations (Peiqing and/or Jon Wexler)
  • TRIUMF Project Status for MOLLER
    • Michael is in contact with TRIUMF about creating a Project Charter (first step)
      • would require "Gate Reviews"
      • treated as if it were a TRIUMF experiment
    • Spectrometer
      • engineering support for the magnets - need to know by beginning of August
    • Electronics
      • engineering support - may not be necessary
        • need detector simulations to confirm numbers from MIE appendix
        • need to revisit all the numbers with Des Ramsey and consider other "lessons learned" from Qweak (like the filter cutoff in the ADC?)
      • manufacturing support - assuming they will be very similar (identical?) to Qweak
  • Simulations
    • Detector simulations
      • "PREx" benchmarking
        • setting up PREx detectors to benchmark PREx I
        • try to increase light yield -> PREx II
        • increase size of light guide -> moving to MOLLER-like detectors
      • "Qweak" benchmarking
        • simulation for main detectors which predicts exact #pe's
        • simulation for scanner detector -> MOLLER-like detectors
        • first-pass MOLLER-like simulation based on scanner simulation - 10 pe's (needs work)
    • Number of pe's depends on:
      • geometry and angle of quartz
      • geometry of light guide
      • surface properties of light guide inner surface
    • Simulation Structure
      • replication of detectors - done carefully so easy to modify, but also able to manipulate individual pieces?
      • collimators and coils should be able to be sensitive detectors (messenger command for this and secondary tracking)
      • need position, timing, energy deposited --> digitization module
      • PREx light collection code should be immortalized in the MOLLER svn repository
      • Seamus will work with UMass student to produce a document which describes detector geometry
  • Future simulation meetings
    • June 15th at 3pm (needs to be set up with Stephanie)
      • Dustin will lead the teleconference
      • Topic will be a description of the scanner benchmarking and simulation progress (Peiqing)
    • Impromptu meeting during Users Group meeting (June 4-6) to discuss GDML geometry in general (Juliette to summarize?)
    • Future simulation meeting devoted to discussing the minimal set of parameters for GDML geometry description of detectors

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