Monitoring the Beam Line

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To monitor the Hall A beam line components, run the following in a terminal to bring up a GUI that will show the magnet currents as a function of time:

ssh to adaq2 && ./ [option]

The options are:

  • main-monitor: A top level view of the beam line, including the differential momentum dp/p, beam mode (CW or tune), and select BPMs.
  • raster: Tracks the raster magnet currents and set points.
  • see-bpms: Tracks the beam position monitors (IPM1H04A and E), both x and y positions.
  • bcms: Tracks the beam charge monitors.
  • moller: Tracks the Moller quadrupole magnets, target, and dipole magnet.
  • ion-chambers: Tracks ion chambers near the target pivot.
  • orbit-lock: Tracks specific BPMs that are important for keeping the beam on the nominal orbit en route to the target.