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Insert analysis information into MySQL database of QuasiFamily

  • Find the script in directory:
  • Call command
  ./ to run this script
  • You will see this:
  Connection successful: handle: DBI::db=HASH(0x8ffdd34)
  Need some run numbers, dude!
  Usage: [OPTION]
   Command-line options:
  -r, --runnum [LOW NUMBER]-[HIGH NUMBER]
      Specify the range of runnumbers to modify.  One number will work
      for single run modifications.
  -u, --username [USERNAME]
      Specify the name of the person making the modification
  -t, --type [RUNTYPE]
      Specify the type of run (calibration, scan, junk)
  -k, --kinematic [KINEMATIC]
      Specify the kinematic name.
  -p, --production [0,1]
      Specify if the run is production (1) or not (0)
  -b, --beampol [BEAM POLARIZATION]
      Specify the beam polarization
  -h, --heTargpol [TARGET POLARIZATION]
      Specify the target polarization
  -c, --comment "[COMMENT]"
      Add a comment.  For best results, put the entire comment in 
      quotation marks.
  -v, --verbose
      Be verbose.
  • insert analysis information into database
   Here is an example:
   ./ -r 20522 -u yawei -t test -p 0 -h 90.3% -c "test run"

  • You can find the QuasiFamily MySQL database here: [1], check the analysis information which you insert