Neutron Detector

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This is a culmination of information about the Hall A Neutron Detector (or HAND for short).

Running the Neutron Detector

  1. Make sure the High Voltages are turned on
    • This is done on the HV GUI (run from adev@adaql3)
    • The important channels are listed in the Neutron Detector HV Map. (The HV in the map are not up to date, but the PMTs to HV GUI Channels are)
      • This includes all channels in crate bbps1:2001, all of slots 0, 1, 2, and 3 in crate bbps:2002, and the up to channel L4.3 in slot 4
    • If a High Voltage Alarm sounds, turn the channel off and then back on
  2. Run the RHRS CODA with the setting "RightHrs"
  3. Analyzing the RHRS using do_all(run#) will analyze the neutron detector data
  4. To view just the HAND data once replayed, use the command show_all(run#)
    • It's the window where every group of histograms has labels that start with "ND"
  5. In general,
    • the ADCs should look like this:ADCs.png
    • and the TDCs should look this: TDCs.png
    • If they don't, make a HAlog entry about it