Oct 22, 2010

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Time: 16:30 - Room: B101

  1. All News and Updates
  1. Feature presentation:
    1. Last Moller (Oct. 15) measurement (by Sasha)
    2. FADC Last Moller (Oct. 15) measurement (by Roman)
      1. Raw Asymmetry (accidentals is not subtructed) by runs
      2. Raw Asymmetry (accidentals is not subtructed) by target
      3. Table of Results (accidentals is not subtructed)
    3. Updates (accidentals is subtructed)
      1. Raw Asymmetry by target
      2. Comparision of results from old DAQ and FADC DAQ
      3. Table of Results
  1. Status reports:
    1. Ahmed's Analysis Status
  1. Run Plan:
  1. Simulation:

Call-in instructions: First dial the conference call facility:

   In US, participant dials the toll free number: 1-877-366-0711
   International participant dials: 1-302-709-8446

Then enter the passcode, followed by the # key

     The leader passcode is 55651707#
     Participant passcode is 78671411#

Announce your name and press the # key again.