Procedure to Select BB Shower Blocks

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How to select BigBite Shower Blocks

1. After kinematics change, turn on all the shower blocks in hvgui. Wait a while until all the showers blocks on the map display turn green.

2. Use LH2 target, check prescale . Take a 5 minutes run.

3. Do analysis, check the hits pattern on the shower blocks.

4. Keep the blocks which have number of hits more than 2/3 of the maximun hit block. Turn off the other blocks, take another run.

5. Do analysis for the run after turning off the other blocks. Make sure the right blocks are on.

6. Check the physics replay, check the acceptance in HRS to ensure we keep the elastic events.

The variables to look at: vs vs

For further analysis, do a graphic cut on ph_dp to select the elastic events, calculate the ratio of event number before and after the cut.

7. If evetything is OK, halog the hits pattern before and after turning off the shower blocks, and the HV map. Keep running for production.