Quad Tuning 1pass 48d

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Procedure without Sieve-slit

  • Time estimate: 1-2 hours
* Take a run at the following kinematics without the sieve-slit collimator.
* Start with initial HRS spectrometer tunes for the left and right arms with the new quads in place of Q1s.
* If you need to increase the spectrometer momentum setting, make sure you cycle Q2 and Q3 as per the cycling procedure.
* Electron rates assume 9 carbon foils, 5 mSr acceptance, and 8% delta acceptance.
* A GMp expert will check the data quality and decide, if the HRS tunes need to be adjusted to change the size of the acceptance.
* This process will be repeated until the spectrometer tune is satisfactory.
  • Right-HRS Kinematics: 1st Pass (Ebeam = 2.2 GeV)
Ebeam [GeV] P0 [GeV/c] θe [deg] Q2 [GeV2] W [GeV] Rate [Hz] at 20 μA minutes for 71k events at 20 μA
2.217 0.85 48.75 1.28 1.47 119 10

We want to take runs with the following Q1 currents:

  1. 0%: 173.825 A
  2. -10%: 156.443 A
  3. -5%: 165.134 A
  4. -2%: 170.349 A
  5. +2%: 177.302 A
  6. +5%: 182.516 A
  7. +10%: 191.208 A

Left HRS Quad Tuning Plan (Already completed)

Right HRS Quad Tuning Plan (Only if right HRS magnets are working)