SBS Network Devices in Hall A

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Location Detector Device hostname notes
grinch VME Controller grinch vetroc ,fadc
VME PS grinchvxs
bb hodoscope VME Controller intelbbhodo 1190,fadc
VME PS bbhodovxs
Shower/Pre VME Controller intelbbshower fadc250s, f1tdc
VME PS bbshowervxs
scalers VME Controller sbsvme29 sis3801, vmeDSC, sis3820,fadc
VME PS intelha9
gem VME Controller intelbbgem ssp, sbsvtp3
VME PS hallavme12
VTP sbsvtp3 serial: bbps1 2004
Portserver bbps1 2004: sbsvtp3
VTP-10Gb habbmpd1 ip/hostname not yet assigned
VME Controller intelsbsgem2 middle crate
VME PS bbgemvxs
VTP sbsvtp2 serial: bbps 2002
VTP-10Gb sbsvtp2-s1
VME Controller intelsbsgem3 top crate  : Optical VXS
VME PS sbsgemcrate01
VTP sbsvtp4 serial: bbps1 2003
VTP-10Gb sbsvtp4-s1
VME Controller intelbbmpd MPDs
VME PS hareboot6 port 7
VME Controller intelbbmpd2 MPDs
VME PS intelbbmpd use minicom or hareboot6 port 6
HCAL VME Controller intelsbshcal1 fadc250s
VME PS hcalvxs1
VME Controller intelsbshcal2 fadc250s, f1tdcs
VME PS hcalvxs2
Portserver 2003: hcalvxs1, 2004: hcalvxs2
Portserver hatsv21  ??
GEn-RP Hodoscopes VME Controller genrp-roc01 fadc250s, 1190
VME PS genrp-crate01
CAEN 4527 HV genrp-hv01
TS crate VME controller sbsts1 TS TD
VME PS sbstsvxs
HRS VME controller halladaq8 TS TD
VME PS lefthrsvxs

Power cycle Scaler crate intelha9 (vme: sbsvme29)

Script to power cycle the sbsvme29 crate

sbs-onl@sbsvme29:~/bin/ intelha9 0 # turn off intelha9 1 # turn on

hareboot6 or hareboot32 : type or in a browser