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  • May 15th: 10:00am ET (Analysis plan, mispointing)
  • May 29th: 10:00am ET (Optics, Beam Energy, Energy Loss, Trigger-dependent VDC timing calibration, Replay raw data)
  • Jun 12th: 10:00am ET (optics calibration, VDC wire, scintillator calibration, Ebeam calibration, Energy loss corrections, and Hydrogen distributions)
  • Jun 26th: 10:00am ET (RHRS optics calibration with Hydrogen and Deuterium data, run-by-run condition check)
  • Jul 10th: 10:00am ET (run conditions check and charge calculation, update on RHRS optics, raster Calibration)
  • Jul 24th: 10:00am ET (Optics update, Raster Calibration update, efficiency)
  • Aug 20th: 10:00am ET (Luminosity calculation using H(e,e'), Single arm simulation)
  • Sep 4th: 10:00am ET (Data-SIMC comparison - Rey)
  • Sep 18th: 10:00am ET (Data vs MC update - Shujie)
  • Nov 13th: 10:00am ET
  • Nov 27th: 10:00am ET

For JLab participants

Meet at CEBAF F227.

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