Saturday, December 6: DAY Shift

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  • General considerations
    • Tanja Horn is the current Run Coordinator. Please contact directly via RC phone 757-876-1787
    • Follow the generic Instructions for shift takers
    • Shift leaders: Please make sure to fill out the beam time accounting form and write a "Shift Summary" log entry at the end of your shift regardless if there is beam or not.
    • In general, Hall technical staff should not be contacted by the shift crew - please call the RC first.
    • The target operator is required to supervise the cryo-target.
    • Kinematics, DVCS Kin1: Ebeam = 7.3 GeV, PLHRS=2.71 GeV, Theta_HRS=22.83, Theta_calo=12.35
    • Make sure to use the DVCS CODA configuration for all runs (even when taking single arm HRS data).
  • Instructions for this shift
    • Finish taking optics data. When optics tests are done call the RC. Call Paul for trigger work.
    • Take out the collimator
    • Trigger tests (Paul)
    • Optics runs without sieve - call Kalyan Allada for data quality check
    • Trigger efficiency tests (Carlos)
    • Call RC for polarity change
    • Change configuration for elastics measurement, LH2 target, 5 uA
    • Ion chamber calibration for LH2 target to allow to go to 20 uA
    • Elastics, LH2 target, 20 uA
    • Polarity change (Sunday morning?)