SciFi: Taking runs and analysis

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SciFi is only to be used for optics calibration and not general production runs.

The DAQ must be set in the 'SciFi' configuration to read out SciFi data.

How to take SciFi runs

Phone John Williamson: 9011-44-75131-80283

  • if( !John_Williamson(Answer))
    • Replays run on a-onl computers, same as standard replay, but in specific, separate directory
    • $ goscifi (This will take you to the relevant directory)
    • $ fullReplay runnum (to replay run runnum)
    • This will produce a root file apex_SciFi_runnum.root in the same directory as standard replays (/chafs1/work1/apex/Rootfiles/)

How to inspect SciFi output

SciFi (or the fadcs reading out SciFi data) can be ran and replayed in mode 9 (pulse mode) or mode 10 (raw mode). For mode 9 each channel (corresponding to a fibre in SciFi) has out-put variables in the root tree corresponding to the fadc amplitude, fadc amplitude-ped-subtracted and fadc amplitude corrected.

For example in the right arm: