Second floor counting house DVCS - CSR test setup

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VME64X crate

Portserver hatsv15

Port 3 DVCS MVME 6100 halladaq1

4 Empty

5 Motor Controller

6 Empty

7 VME crate

To access the port type :

telnet hatsv15 200[port]


From adaq computer : ssh -Y adaq@adaql6

telnet hatsv15 2003

VME board



V1495 0x09000000

V265 0x0A A24

V258B 0x01

Lecroy 1182 0x0099

Test SIS FADC 0x08

V486 0x02

V1720 0x0910

Lecroy 1151N A24/A16 0x2222

V1190 0x0020 ( top to bottom for MSB ) 0

V792 from SRC 0x0A83


I will setup the V1495 as a LVDS to NIM converter.

I put it in the Flash ADC crate for now.

Adress in A32 is 0x0900 ( modifier is 0x9 )

sysBusToLocalAdrs(0x9,0x09000000, &laddr);

Crate name is hallavme8

In A32, the local adress is : 0x81000000 this version works only in A32

I can see the board register at :

d 0x81008000,256,2

Software from Roman to load the user content is located in a-onl account in v1495 directory

Mezannine D has NIM Mezannine E has ECL output Mezannine F has NIM

 -- x_IDCODE :
     -- 000 : A395A (32 x IN LVDS/ECL)
     -- 001 : A395B (32 x OUT LVDS)
     -- 010 : A395C (32 x OUT ECL)
     -- 011 : A395D (8  x IN/OUT NIM/TTL)
     -- Expansion Mezzanine Port Signal Standard Select
     -- x_LEV : 
     --    0=>TTL,1=>NIM
     -- Expansion Mezzanine Port Direction
     -- x_DIR : 
     --    0=>OUT,1=>IN

2 additionnal V1495

0x0220 This board is set in A24 Adress is 0x0220 ( modifier is 0x39 )

sysBusToLocalAdrs(0x39,0x02200000, &laddr);

this will return the corresponding address which is for the VME6100 0x90200000

New VXS FADC test setup for DVCS/NPS December 4th 2014

VME CPU was put on the network vmedvcs2

I created a new database dvcs and session DVCS to be used for CODA on aonl1.

startcoda script was modified to start CODA on adaq account on aonl1.