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If you make sure that the

   faReset(slot, 1);

is performed in rocEnd() and/or rocCleanup(), the readout list should start out with the fADCs in the correct state (token passing disabled).

Then in rocDownload(), initialize the desired modules with the initialization flag (iFlag)

   faInit(.., iFlag)

Now put in the addresses of the modules you want in this configuration into the list:

   extern unsigned int fadcAddrList[FA_MAX_BOARDS];
   fadcAddrList[0] = 0x180000;
   fadcAddrList[1] = 0x200000;
   fadcAddrList[2] = 0x280000;
   fadcAddrList[3] = 0xA00000;
   faInit(fadcAddrList[0], 0, 4, iFlag); // 4 = number of modules to

init in fadcAddrList.