SoLID Weekly : Monday, Apr.8, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • General discussion
  • Sub-system updates


    • Haiyan: will contact with Bob about the update of the SoLID review.
    • JP: The lab resource may all focus on the EIC budget review.
    • Paul: introduced the status of the Moller's review.
    • Zhiwen: Update on the optimization for the HGC window thickness, he will show more detail on the simulation meeting.
    • Zhiwen: with Bread plans to have a new gas test for the HGC during the summer run period in HallC.
    • Paul: What's the status of the LGC and HGC mirror, cost?
    • JP: We need to summarize the HGC mirror information before the review.
    • Jilong: will show updates on the tracking efficiency on the simulation meeting.
    • Paul: will organize a meeting at Syracuse to follow up the computing resource from the Syracuse University (HallD analysis).


Alexandre, JP, Haiyan, Paul, Ye, Jinlong, Rich, and Zhiwen