SoLID Weekly : Monday, Feb.25, 2019 9:30am EDT

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  • General discussion
  • Sub-system updates


  • JP: We didn't heard the review's schedule, it is probably scheduled after the MOLLER review.
    • 1) Budget: Including engineering design part at the first one to two years. PED at the beginning.
    • 2) suggest Paul follow up the show stopper issues, ie, VMM readout
  • JP:
    • ECAL support structure from Argon
    • HGC: Duke
  • Whit: we need to define the engineering design tasks.
    • cable access design: Since the ECAL and GEM cables will pass through the LGC detector, so the ECAL, GEM sub-detector groups need to provide the cable information to LGC group for the LGC engineering design.
  • Alexandre
    • No issue from the DAQ system
    • need to get the Engineering design informaiton


Alexandre, JP, Paul, Zein-Eddine, Rich, Whit, Ye, Jinlong, and Zhiwen