Spare cables

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  • There are 11 spare long cables(170ns) for ADC. BB7_13,15....33
BB7_13 BB7_15 BB7_17 BB7_19 BB7_21 BB7_23 BB7_25 BB7_27 BB7_29 BB7_31 BB7_33
  • There are 6 spare long cables(170ns) for TDC.
BB8_AC1-5B BB8_AC2-2B BB8_AC3-1B BB8_AC3-2B BB8_AC3-3B BB8_AC3-4B
  • 5 cables with 515ns
BB9_25 BB9_29 BB9_30 BB9_31 BB9_32
  • 24 cables with 218ns
BB14_09-01 BB14_09-02 BB14_09-03 BB14_09-04 BB14_09-05 BB14_09-06 BB14_09-07 BB14_09-08
BB15_14-09 BB15_14-10 BB15_14-11 BB15_14-12 BB15_14-13 BB15_14-14 BB15_14-15 BB15_14-16
BB16_07-09 BB16_07-10 BB16_07-11 BB16_07-12 BB16_07-13 BB16_07-14 BB16_07-15 BB16_07-16
  • 8 cables with 188ns
BB17_14-25 BB17_14-26 BB17_14-27 BB17_14-28 BB17_14-29 BB17_14-30 BB17_14-31 BB17_14-32