Special Procedure For Moving Target

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Move target while spin-up curve test

  • NEVER move target during a sweep
  • Time for next sweep can be estimated by adding wait time to last sweep time

Move target during production (automatic spin flip)

  • NEVER move target during a flip

Target move.png

  • Move target from production ( He3 ) to other locations
  1. If there is no production run since last flip, skip to step 4
  2. Stop current data taking
  3. Do Flip NOW
  4. Turn OFF(pause) Auto Flip
  5. Ask MCC to mask beam
  6. then move target to new position
  • Move target to production ( He3 ) from other locations
  1. Ask MCC to mask beam
  2. Move target to He3 position for production
  3. Turn ON(pause) Auto Flip
  4. Do Flip NOW
  5. Once flip is done, start to take data