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This article also serve as part of spin flip manual.

System Status Manager give target operator an quick overview of the full system. It follows the coloring rule.

System Status Manager GUI

Following sections will tour through all the controls in the order of up to down and left to right.

Error Handling Subpanel

  • Sum of Spin and module check Indicator : This indicator shows OK if both spin check and module check indicator are OK; otherwise, it shows red ERROR.
  • Now Time stamp : System Time
  • System Status Indicator : It's a copy of system status from main control window. There are 4 possible states:
  1. Initializing
  2. Ready to Flip
  3. Flipping
  4. Error (the control will flash)
  • Last Error Box : Last error time and description. During Error State, content of this box will be read out.
  • Open Log Button : Show Text Log window.
  • Clear Error Button : By pressing this button, system status will be cleared from "ERROR" state to "READY to FLIP" state. Alarm will be turned off.

Warning : Clear Error Button do not solve the problem that causing the error. Target Operator should trace to and solve the source of the problem before turn on automatic flip again.

  • Silence Alarm For 1hr Switch : just silent the audio alarm for 1 hour. After 1 hour, it will automatic pop up again.

Spin Check Subpanel

  • Wait/Check Indicator : After every flip, the code will automatically check whether spin measured from different source is consist with each other. During delay of process and communication, this check will be delayed by 30s after each flip. During this delay time, this indicator shows yellow WAIT; otherwise it's CHECKED
  • Sum of 4 Spin check Indicator : After every flip, the code will automatically check whether spin measured from different source is consist with each other. This indicates the check result.

This indicator shows current spin state. There are three states:

Spin1.png Spin0.png Spin-1.png
spin of target is PARALLEL to holding magnetic field spin of target is UNKNOWN spin of target is ANTIPARALLEL to holding magnetic field
Value=+1 Value=0 Value=-1
AKA spin up AKA spin unknon AKA spin down

There are 4 source, from which the system collect target spin information from:

  1. Spin from Count : This is "expected spin", which is calculated by assuming every flip is successful since last calibration.
  2. Spin from NMR Amp. : For different spin state, the Lock-In X-Channel of NMR signal collected during the flip will differ by a sign. Therefore by judging from the sign of NMR resonance peak, target spin direction could be measured.
  3. Spin from Peak Phase : similar principle to above one, however, this indicator judge spin from phase between Lock-In X and Y-Channel at NMR resonance peak
  4. Spin from EPICS : the logic electronics also have a measurement of spin state, utilizing similar principal as "Spin from NMR Amp." Indicator. This hardware signal is read in from a IOC to EPICS system, which is displayed here.
  • Force Change button : force the expected spin change to an arbitary state

Notice : This control will be disabled if Fool Proof Lock is ON.

  • Enbale/Disable button : Enable/Disable check the corresponding spin state

Notice : This control will be disabled if Fool Proof Lock is ON.

Modules Overview Subpanel

  • 'Sum of All Modules Indicator : Whether there is any error in any of modules.
  • Spin Flip/ Auto Flip Alive Indicator : Indicates whether auto flip is active.
  • Spin Flip/ Flip Count : Count of flips since last reboot.
  • Spin Flip/ Last Flip Start/Finish Time : Time mark for a flip

Notice : Above 4 item is copy from main control window

  • NMR Sweep/ Last Sweep Start/Finish Time : Time mark for a NMR sweep. There is one NMR sweep within every flip.

Notice : Above item is copy from sweep status window.

  • EPICS/ Last Epics Read/Write : Time mark for a EPICS operation. EPICS communication should be on a per second basis.
  • Laser/ Changing Pol. Indicator : Whether laser polarization is under changing.
  • Laser/ Motor_Error Indicator : This light will be on if there is any error from the stepper motor, which controls laser polarization.

Notice : Above 3 items is copy from laser polarization control window.

  • NMR Peak Amp./Polarization history plot : history of NMR signal peak height or target polarization. It shows different control depends on code version.