TDIS Bi-monthly meeting, 2021 April 13

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  • all: any other business;


  • Eric: attempt to evaluate trigger rates: need to disentangle between different estimations;
    • g4sbs does not store mTPC data anymore: NEED FIX ASAP;
  • Arun: questions from last meeting:
    • low energy protons reaching bragg peak: Sebastian and Eric, narrow range of low momentum protons, hence not too concerned.
    • for 3 contiguous hits which is the most likely to be the "real" one: take the one that has max edep, or take all three weighted with adc
  • Steve: prepared dataset with 250 tracks per event with arbitrary background single hits; prepared it in a format that Gagik and his student can read to process through machine learning and determine background hits.
  • Salina: to prepare an update for next meeting
  • Carlos: run group proposal for TDIS
  • Ed: VMM (considered as an option)
    • Marco: trying to help sampa chip provider to organize since there are a lot of groups who are interested in the chips

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