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A good 3He NIM from HIGS NIM A582, 318 (2007)

Introduction (Yi) draft

  • Introduction
  • Polarized 3He target in Jefferson Lab Hall A
  • Spin-exchange optical pumping, hybrid technique

Overview of 3He target setup in Jefferson Lab (Joe and Chiranjib's Thesis)

  • Setup in Hall A since E06-010
    • Holding field coil
    • Oven
    • Optics
    • Reference cell

3He cell used in Hall A

  • 3He cell manufacture (Joe) draft
  • Cell Characterization (Yi')
    • Density measurement
    • Wall thickness measurement


  • NMR polarimetry (Yi'/Chiranjib)
    • Water calibration of NMR
    • Internal temperature measurement
  • EPR polarimetry (Chiranjib)
    • D2 optimization (Yi) draft

Special Techniques

  • Optics design (Xiaohui/Chiranjib)
  • Optics alignment (Yi) draft
  • Automatic spin flip (Jin)
  • Optical setup without direct phase compensation (Jin)

In Beam Performance (Yi/Chiranjib)

Future Upgrage (Yi)

  • Spin flip using field flip
  • Modifications to the target cell