Thursday, August 21, 2014 3:30pm EST

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Last meeting: Thursday, August 14, 2014 3:30pm EST


  • Recaps of individual group meetings
  • Discussion of future timeline
  • Choose regular meeting time and frequency


Attending: Juliette, Jim, Jason, Tyler

  1. +/- 3 mm positioning tolerance assumed, unless this changes
  2. radiation doses 10^-2 rads/s (estimate dose from total hours) - Is Seamus' rate accurate?
  3. collimator tolerances
    1. 1 mm wrt beamline? for which collimators? all?
    2. collimator 5 in hybrid? collimator 5 seven pieces? support structure?
    3. shielding pipe through center (hybrid in vacuum - no pressure differences - need holes etc.)
    4. support
    5. send collimator and shielding CAD drawings, even if preliminar
  4. mapping
    1. only 5 of seven? (need tracking studies with offset coils)
    2. partial mapping in two we can't reach
    3. mount to support structure itself?
    4. How far does motion system half to be to avoid interfering with probe
  5. water and power connections
    1. Juliette will have meeting with Ernie
    2. Jason will provide 3D model to Ernie (w/ envelopes, coils, collimators, chamber, supports?)
  6. Juliette has asked about upstream torus - ?
  7. Review - Ernie and Jim (probably Jason) - face-to-face meeting there the day before (call Juliette)
  8. Teleconference - 3:30pm EST Thursday, September 4th

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