Thursday, December 11: DAY Shift

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  • General considerations
    • Kijun Park is the current Run Coordinator. Please contact directly via RC phone 757-876-1787
    • Follow the generic Instructions for shift takers
    • Shift leaders: Please make sure to fill out the beam time accounting form and write a "Shift Summary" log entry at the end of your shift regardless if there is beam or not.
    • In general, Hall technical staff should not be contacted by the shift crew - please call the RC first.
    • The target operator is required to supervise the cryo-target.
    • Make sure to use the DVCS CODA configuration for all runs (even when taking single arm HRS data).
    • Note that ion chamber calibrations have ALREADY been done for: carbon (single foil), carbon (five-foil), LH2, and BeO. See this log entry for the first three and this log entry for BeO. The limits on the ion chambers for these targets were set up for currents up to 20 uA.
  • Instructions for this shift
    • Elastic calibration data (see white board for details, DVCS Calo is positioned at 6.138m + CH block was removed)

Please check data after 5min data taking(replay data with online.C), then call RC
→ If online plots are OK, then we can continue elastic calib. data taking
→ If Not (in particular, vertex reconstruction), we ask MCC to improve BPM.

  • Configuration
    • 1. setting#1: 3.18GeV/32.50(deg): 4-5hrs -> then, call Carlos 30min before
    • 2. setting#2: 2.95GeV/34.30(deg): 2-3hrs
    • 3. setting#3: 2.742GeV/36.20(deg): 1-2hrs

If everything goes well, we plan to have BCM calibration during the SWING shift with up to 20uA.