Thursday, June 9, 2016 3:00pm EST

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Previous Meeting: Thursday,_May_26,_2016_3:00pm_EST

Meeting Information

BlueJeans Call Information


Phone Number: 1-800-240-2560

Meeting ID: 624029893



Attendees: Kurtis, Rakitha, Dominic, Scott, Cip, David, Yuxiang, Seamus

Not Attending: Wouter

Scribe: Kurtis

  • Wouter/Rakitha
    • Has ported over the hallD generator to remoll from remoll_solid.
    • The code is now standalone and can be compiled in the ifarm environment.
    • Rakitha: Already generated input files, located on the workdisk.
    • Rakitha: Also having some troubles uploading documents to the MOLLER docDB. Seems to be making entries but the documents are not there.
    • Rakitha: Talked with Bob Michaels about the issue, but still needs to figure out who runs the docDB.
  • Dominic
    • Working on the Wiser code to allow more than just pi- simulations. Seems to be working, but needs to be confirmed.
    • Plans to pull Wouter's latest git commit with the new remoll Hall D/ Lund generators.
    • Also has to modify the message class to allow the Hall D/ Lund simulations to run.
  • Scott
    • Has already implemented a straw-man detector with a lead wall in front places as a group directly after the simple planner detector in the base remoll simulation.
    • Initial simulations showed some interesting neutron back splash from the lead wall into the first detector.
    • After looking at the energy distributions, it was determined that they are very low energy events(thermal neutrons).
    • Scott continues to produces these initial plots.
    • Rakitha would like to see the distribution of pions on the incoming detector(momentum and theta).
  • ELOG
  • David: Would like to see pion simulations with the full MOLLER detector system soon.