Thursday, May 21, 2015 2:00pm EST

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Last meeting: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 11:30am EST


  • Status reports
    • Juliette
    • Jason/Ernie
  • Collimator discussion
  • Next meeting


Attending: Jim, Jason, KK, Tyler, Rakitha, Juliette, Ernie, Tyler

  • Status reports
    • Juliette
      • Student working on sensitivity study for upstream coils
    • Jason/Ernie - Emerson-Tesla visit
      • Tooling and single prototype
      • Prepared to give budgetary number
      • Need better radiation numbers on energy deposited in coils/ at edge of feasibility
      • KK says that source of power is going to be eliminated or reduced
      • Epoxy 425 - if it can meet the requirements (other with bad viscosity has 2 orders of magnitude better radiation hardness)
      • Bigger conductor worse for keystoning; smaller conductor easier to make?
      • DDG not applicable for high radiation
      • not needed for quote but bending radii might need to change; need to evaluate physics
    • 2016 MOLLER work cost estimate (prototype?) in a week (use estimate from Robin review)
      • prototype
      • collimator design higher priority
    • Director's review late September/early October (if not late August)
      • Magnet Advisory group meeting mid-late July (before July 15th or after August 15th)
      • Week after July 4
      • invite internal advisory group to a regular meeting
        • Juliette will contact advisory group members for availability
  • Collimator discussion - elog-346 - Rakitha
  • next meeting June 11
  • Next meeting

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