Thursday, November 10, 4:00pm ETD

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  • Updates to mollersim geometry (Juliette)
    • rotated the phi-defining collimator so that there is a closed section to beam left
    • modified field determination code to be somewhat general - can rotate the field easily now
    • coded the upstream torus in GDML (see elog 202)
      • plan to also hard-code to maintain the ability to continue to use it - but I REALLY like the GDML
      • will compare the results for hard-coded vs. GDML defined
      • the GDML write from GEANT4 did NOT create tesselated volumes, but the parameterization is lost
      • if we code directly in GDML it is really easy to parameterize things AND to modularize things (see elog 205)
  • Changing code to write volume numbers of sensitive volumes to root file - need a better way of identifying them?
    • 0-999 for actual detectors (possibly 0-99 for plane detectors and 100-999 for pieces quartz?, tracking?)
    • 1000-1999 for collimators
    • 2000-???? for coils
  • Incidentally, no luck with GEANT4 with GDML on windows - Mauri is working on a Fedora 15 package and I now have a Fedora 15 virtual machine


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