Thursday, October 20, 2:00pm ETD

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  • Should we stop dividing our efforts between GEMC and mollersim?

Feature GEMC mollersim
nice GUI yes not yet
nice visualization (Qt) yes yes
(w/o recompile)
yes - mysql DB, filled by PERL scripts yes, messengers or GDML
detector response yes want to customize?
ROOT output translate EVIO output, you have to write the bank configuration yes
ease of installation
(on jlab systems)
RPM available, OSX available? DEB in the works not yet - necessary? possible?
maintenance wider range of users to test (find bugs, etc.) only collaboration using
control not really - have to coordinate with Mauri for changes, etc. yes

  • Collimator/field configuration comparison update (Sereres)
  • GEANT4 on windows (Juliette)
    • works with OpenGL and HepRep Viewers
    • have installed Qt, Xerces, and ROOT -> need to set environment to run mollersim
  • Qweak GEANT4 development/use is ramping up again (Wouter)
  • Other items
    • Meetings?
      • Thursday at 2pm or 4pm depending on Qweak meeting time, in F224/225
      • no"major" simulation meeting (teleconference)
      • collaboration meeting in January
    • Other projects


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