Thursday, October 6, 2:00pm ETD

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  • Updates to simulation (Juliette)
    • Updating Wiki page to reflect changes, will update Doxygen pages soon
    • Messenger to use a "constant" random seed or not
    • Fixed random number generator (got duplicate rootfiles ~15% of the time)
  • Geometry progress (gdml from CAD)
    • Have step files for detector and hybrid torus
    • Reduced detector step file to less than 20 volumes
    • Can write out current G4 geometry to a gdml and read it in
  • Documentation
    • create svn devel branch?
    • tag the version from before adding the gdml capability?
  • Figure-of-Merit Discussion (Sereres)
  • Other items
    • When to have the regular meetings?
      • Thursday at 2-3pm (or at 4pm if Qweak meeting changes again), with a room
      • Wednesday at 11am with no room, assuming the Qweak meeting doesn't move to this time
    • Date/time for a "major" simulation meeting (teleconference) where we update the whole collaboration
      • KK would like to have this in early October
    • Other projects



  • Updates to simulation (Juliette)
    • Constant random seed capability was welcomed
    • several suggestions for random seed were offered: use job-id, run name, "true" random
  • Geometry progress (gdml from CAD)
    • Should try to read step files directly
    • Wouter suggests to use material as a tag (like Juliette's idea for the auxiliary color field) to set the material using G4/NIST materials
  • Documentation
    • trunk will become "devel" branch
    • should have a "production" branch which is updated less frequently...
    • can create tagged versions
    • Paul notes that Doxygen not supported on all machines...
  • Figure-of-Merit Discussion (Sereres)
    • Statistical and leading systematics is okay
    • how to include inelastic uncertainty (depends on how well we can measure it)
    • want plots of FOM and elastic/Moller separation vs. quantity under study
  • Other items
    • Meetings
      • We chose to keep it Thursday at 2-3pm (or at 4pm if Qweak meeting changes), with a room
      • We decided that we didn't want to have a "major" simulation teleconference outside of the collaboration meeting
    • No one had any updates for Other projects

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