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Todo list as Nov 10, 2008

Before lock the laser

  1. EPR/NMR cross calibration (Chiranjib/Yi) 9:00 AM

In the Hall/Controlled access

  1. Install new target ladder (Joe) 9:30AM
  2. Check correction coils (Yi') 9:30AM
  3. Target EPICS readbacks:oven and cooling jets (Jack)

Counting House during access

  1. Add real vertical coil current to EPICS (Jin)
  2. Aborted, NMR pumping chamber frequency sweep/target chamber field sweep cross calibration (TBD)
  3. AFP loss test after Yi' finishes the correction coils (TBD)

Other than access

  1. Comet laser power on/EPICS control test (Yi)

Todo list for Controlled Access to the Hall, Nov 4, 2008

Target Enclosure

  1. Transverse spectrum analyzer fiber
  2. Hot air leak around the fiber
  3. Transverse laser alignment ( Lock the Hall )
  4. Replace damaged target ladder

Optics Bench

  1. Transverse laser alignment ( Lock the Hall )
  2. Clean optics
  3. Swap damaged fibers for vertical line (N7, N9) to 04 and 05 from Longitudinal line
  4. Check bad connector for vertical line (N6)

Pivot Area

  1. Aborted:Extend EPR RF amplifier cable to check EPR ( Lock the Hall )

Green Wall

  1. Connect Fluke45 current meters back to EPICS IOC

Todo checklist for next lock of Hall, Oct 30, 2008

  1. Repaire Down-stream pickup coil B
  2. Laser alignment
  3. Laser polarization
  4. Q-wave plate polarization
  5. Laser power
  6. EPR D2 diode
  7. Vertical spectrum analyzer fiber

10/26 rebuild

Yi++=Yi Qiang + ALL

  1. Ladder (Ed)
  2. Limit Switch EPICS programming (Pam)
  3. Heater Line (Ed/Joe/Scot)
  4. Enclosure (Ed)
  5. Ref Cell (Joe/Scot)
  6. Water Calib (Yi++) aborted...
  7. Adjust pickup coils on pumping chamber (Jin/Yi/Chiranjib)
  8. Test Heater / Oven (Joe/Yi)
  9. Mounting He3 Cell (Yi++)
  10. Heating Cell (Yi++)
  11. Laser Alignment Full Power (Yi, Chiranjib, JP)
  12. APF Lost Test
  13. Spin-down Test
  14. Spin Up (Yi++)
  15. Spin Flip Test (Jin)
  16. EPR Alignment (Yi++)
  17. Cross Calib Temp. Test (Yi++)
  18. Comet Laser (Yi++)
  19. EPICS Control (EPICS Grp)
  20. TO Training Preparation (Yi/Chiranjib/Jin)

Laser System

  1. Assemble COMET Lasers (Chiranjib/Yi)
  2. Move in a Rack to new target lab for COMET Lasers
  3. Interlock connections to Lasers (Mark/Yi)
  4. Interlock connections in the Hall (Mark/Yi)
  5. RTDs for Laser enclosure (Done by Yi'/Yi)
  6. RTDs to readout chassis for interlock (Yi')
  7. optics setup (Done by Chiranjib/Jin)
  8. Optics alignment (Chiranjib/Jin/Yi'/Yi/Jian-ping)
  9. Camera (Jin) aborted
  10. Spectrum analyzer (Yi)
  11. Q-wave plate stepping motor (Jin)

Oven and Heater

  1. Heater Installation (Joe)
  2. Heater Control Box and connection (Joe)
  3. Oven temperature control RTD (Yi')
  4. RTDs for He3 Cell and Reference Cell (Done by Yi'/Yi)

NMR System

  1. Longitudinal RF Coil Connection (Yi')
  2. Pickup Coil Cables (Chiranjib/Yi')
  3. VI update (Jin/Yi)
  4. NMR Lock-in repair (Yi)

EPR System

  1. EPR D2 assembly (Chiranjib/Yi)
  2. EPR RF Cable (Chiranjib/Yi')

Spin Flip

  1. Test plan (Yi/Jin)
  2. EPICS communication (Jin)
  3. Stepper Motor Commisioning (Jin)
  4. NMR Signal Acquisition (Yi/Jin/Chiranjib)
  5. 2nd Copy of Spin Signal (Jin)
  6. VI update (Yi/Jin)
  7. Finish up Documentation (Yi/Jin)
  8. Target Worker Quick Training Material (Yi/Jin)


  1. Target IOC (Jack/Bryan/Yi/Jin)
  2. Targe EPICS Variable to Data Stream (Yi/Jin)
  3. Analyzer code for target state (Jin)

Holding Field

  1. Optimal Field determination (Yi')
  2. Correction Field Calculation (Yi')
  3. Correction Coil connection (Chiranjib/Yi')

Cell Installation

  1. Reference Cell (Joe/Todd)
  2. He3 Cell (Joe)