Trigger Wiring Diagram

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This is a wiring diagram for the DAQ for the GEM detector. It includes reference timing information on the triggers.

Trigger Delay and VME crate wiring scheme

WIRING 1.jpg


Notes on wiring

CRL Code

  • The CRL code downloaded to the VME crate contains important information. For example:
    • Determining which channels are used
      • The trigger channel on the TI
      • The data input channel used on the c-ram 550
    • The number of channels sent from the gassiplex must be matched in the CRL code as well to create the proper clock signal

Sources and Destinations

GEM gassiplex boards

The GEM gassiplex boards require the following inputs:

  • Clock signal from Sequencer
  • Track and Hold Signal from delay generator
  • Clear Signal from Delay Generator

The GEM gassiplex boards send the following output

  • Multiplexed data

Delay Generator

The delay generator expects the following as inputs:

  • Trigger signal from scintillators or other source

The delay generator has the following outputs:

  • Track and Hold signal for gassiplex boards
  • Clear signal for gassiplex boards
  • Electronics trigger to VME crate

VME crate

The VME crate expects the following as input:

  • Electronics trigger signal from delay generator
  • Multiplexed data from gassiplex boards

The VME crate have the following output:

  • Clock Signal for gassiplex boards