Tuesday, March 24: DAY Shift

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  • General considerations
    • Brad Sawatzky is the current Run Coordinator. Please contact directly via RC phone 757-876-1787
    • Follow the generic Instructions for shift takers
    • Shift leaders: Please make sure to fill out the beam time accounting form and write a "Shift Summary" log entry at the end of your shift regardless if there is beam or not.
    • In general, Hall technical staff should not be contacted by the shift crew - please call the RC first.
    • The target operator is required to supervise the cryo-target.
    • Make sure to use the DVCS CODA configuration for all runs (even when taking single arm HRS data).

  • Instructions for this shift
    • 0) Check the beam position
      • - request beam position: BPM A=(+2.5:-0.5), BPM B=(+2.5:+0.5)
    • 1) When beam first arrives to the Hall
      • - Ask MCC to run the Harps: 1C18A/B and 1C04A/B
      • - halog the results
    • 2) Confirm the beam position using the carbon hole target.
      • - request CW 5uA without raster
      • - check the scaler rate rastered target up to 2x2
    • 3) Run the right arm optic scan described here: (at the same time, take single DVCS run)
      • Here is the run plan for the R-HRS Q1 tune. This can be done before moving to LH2 target for DVCS running.
      • 1. Move target to Optics
      • 2. Set P0= 1.0 GeV/c, Q1 current = 192 A
      • 3. Set R-HRS prescale ps1=1, others=0 (should be already set, but check)
      • 4. Assuming 20uA beam current, take 5 min (or ~100k events) run for each of these Q1 currents:
    • ==> Q1 current: (current change is fast, no need to beam off)
      • ===> 192 A
      • ===> 202 A
      • ===> 223 A
      • ===> 234 A
      • 5. Move to LH2 target to continue DVCS runs
      • 6. Change R-HRS P0 = 1.896 GeV (need to cycle Q2/Q3) - (turn off regulator for Q2/Q3, set I =1600A. turn on regulator)
      • 7. Set Q1 current to 403.8 A
      • 8. When D1 is ready start R-HRS runs.
      • 9. halog all the run numbers with Q1 current
    • 4) Turn on DVCS HV
    • 5) Move to LH2, 2x2 raster, 10uA CW
      • - Take 2 1hr runs with DVCS DAQ
      • - After the first run finished, page Carlos. He will change the calorimeter to the 2nd elastic setting