Tuesday, November 20, 2012 4:00pm EST

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  1. Detector simulations (Peiqing) slides at DocDB
    1. Note on PREX stack detector (Piotr)
  2. Generators (Dustin) Improvements
  3. Other business (only if there is time)
    1. Updating the wiki instructions (Anna)
    2. Sensitivity/collimator update (Jon)
    3. Philosophy for root tree definitions (Juliette)
  4. Projects


  1. Peiqing presented his simulation results for the detectors, including preradiators for main detectors
    1. main request is for prototyping to begin ASAP
    2. this will be discussed in detector group or supergroup meeting soon
    3. Piotr's PERX study more relevant for shower max detector
  2. Decided to have weekly meeting slot on Friday at 11am EST; can cancel if needed

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