Tuesday Nov 08, 2016: DAY Shift

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Shift Duties

  • Take Production data
  • Log all issues, alarms and questions.
  • Perform shift checklist.
  • Log target status twice per shift.

Production Running

Take 1 hour runs for both Left HRS DAQ and Right HRS DAQ. Follow Kinematic settings for DVCS Kin_60_1 and GMp 4th Pass "Parasitic" Kinematics, summarized below:

Beam current 10 μA
Beam Energy 8.5 GeV
Target LH2 (Loop 2)
Raster ON (2x2mm2) [MCC units h=2, w=3]
VDC HV (both arms) ON

DVCS Kin_60_1

DVCS Calo Angle 15.89°
DVCS Calo Distance 1.5 m
LHRS Polarity Negative
LHRS Momentum 3.594 GeV/c
LHRS Angle 24.564°
LHRS Q1 Current 749.67 Amps (regulator OFF)
prescaleL PS9=1 (all others zero)

GMp 4th Pass "Parasitic" Kinematics

RHRS Polarity Negative
RHRS Momentum 1.804 GeV/c
RHRS Angle 53.475°
RHRS DAQ Config RHRSadaq2
prescaleR PS1=PS2=PS3=1, && PS8=100 (all others zero)

Compton runs

Stop/Start a Compton run every 2 hours - The Compton DAQ is running on the COMPTON computer located in the back room in the Hall A counting house (the room with food)