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Spectrometer settings

Calibrations macros

In the onlana directory, there are a couple of script to generate histograms on particular detectors.

  • DrawLS2.C
  • DrawS2m.C
  • DrawRS1.C
  • DrawCer.C

this are scripts being worked on to plots and find the peak ofthe events. Most of the time you will have to edit the ranges to get sensible fit.

also available :


  • id_pedestals.C
  • Determine_VDC_T0.C

Robert Feuerbach also has a couple of macros to calibrate the scintillator timing :

  • time_s1_paddles.C
  • time_s2_paddles.C

Usefuls runs

He 3 production

20 uA 1339 1340


40 uA 1343

He 3 production no pedestal subtraction run 1453

How to replay data

Log in on any adaq computer as adaq. Type goonlana to go in the replay directory. Different kind of replays are available,

  • replay.C usual replay it create a root file on /adaql3/work1/e04018/onlroot/onlana_XXXX.root
  • replayFull.C same as replay.C but with output on /adaql10/work1/e04018/onlroot/onlan_XXXX.root for long replay when short replay for detector check is running
  • replay_split.C takes all the split files and only decode the coincidence events with output on /adaql10/work1/e04018/onlroot/onlan_T5_XXXX.root

To replay just type : analyzer <name of script above> and answer the questions ( run number, target type and number of events to be replayed )

To look at predefined histograms after the replay is done. Use the script online.C

  • For the standard replay
    • .x online.C+("detectorL",runnumber);
    • .x online.C+("detectorR",runnumber);
    • .x online.C+("coin",runnumber);
  • For the coincidence runs
    • .x online.C+("detectorLT5",runnumber);
    • .x online.C+("detectorRT5",runnumber);
    • .x online.C+("coinT5",runnumber);

How to look at data

First open the file most useful one are the long replay on coincidence for example.

TFile * f=new TFile("/adaql10/work1/e04018/onlroot/onlana_T5_1365.root")

Then you can look at the tree ( ntuple ) named T.

To look at coincidence time :



How to analyze many files. To chain many root files together one uses the TChain class :

ch = new TChain("T");

ch = new TChain("T");


Definition of the cut on s1 amplitude.

TCut s1cut  = "R.s1.la_p>400&&R.s1.la_p<800&&>840&&<1500&&L.cer.asum_c>700";

How to print

gPad->Print("");gSystem->Exec("pdq -Pcha2hp");

d recoil vs phi target


Kinematic run list

  • ep calibration

  • Kin 4
  • Kin 5