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Resolving DVCS Trigger and DAQ Issues

This article is being created to outline various issues that have been done while working on the DVCS Trigger and DAQ. The aim is to describe step-by-step how various issues were resolved. This is mainly to serve as a future reference should issues similar to these arise again later.

Major issues are listed as follows:

1. Trigger losing firmware data: causing all channels to give the same output ([1]) for most (or all) events.

2. Transfer CODA configurations from adaql2 (the old machine) to adaq1 (the new machine).

Issue 1: Losing Firmware data

Download firmware data again. In order to do this, you must have a working version of Quartus II on a laptop. Check if your laptop is a 32-bit system or 64-bit system. If the laptop is a 64-bit system, do the following (in this order unless stated otherwise):

1. Download or check that you have the 32-bit version of the following libraries for your OS (if you already have a 32-bit system, then you can skip this step):










2. Download the latest version of Quartus II (Here) .

3. Install Quartus II (the installer can be found in the bin folder) by running the appropriate script.

4. Check that the USB Blaster is working by plugging it into the computer and running quartus. Then in the menu do Tools->Programmer->Hardware Setup. You should see the blaster in available hardware items. This means that you are ready to go.