Wednesday, July 15, 2015 2:00pm EDT

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Last meeting: Tuesday, July 7, 2015 2:00pm EST


  • Intro - Preparation for the Magnet Advisory Group Meeting - KK
  • Preliminary Agenda for MAG Meeting July 23rd
    • Physics and Project Overviews
      • Experiment overview - KK
      • Spectrometer overview, update pdf - Juliette
    • Engineering Overviews pdf
      • baseline design/support structure - Jason
      • water cooling and electrical connections/alternative design - Ernie
      • vacuum box design - Jim
  • Presentation of draft talks (see Preliminary Agenda)
  • Discussion

External Advisory Group:

  • Dieter Walz (SLAC)
  • George Clark (TRIUMF)
  • Vladimir Kashikhin (Fermilab)
  • Steve Williamson (University of Illinois)

Internal Advisory Group:

  • Robin Wines (JLAB)
  • Al Gavalya (JLAB)
  • Jay Benesch (JLAB)
  • Roger Carlini (JLAB)
  • Stanley Kowalksi (MIT)
  • Kent Paschke (UVA)

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Attending: Ernie, Jason, Tom, Jim, Juliette, Tyler, Allen, Rakitha, Kent, Roger, KK, Stanley, Robin, Javier (Kent left for a while)

  • Summary of upcoming technical feasibility reviews at JLAB and for DOE - KK
    • The MAG reviews are informal reviews and are completely separate from the formal review process
  • Preliminary Agenda
    • Experiment overview - KK (2-3 slides)
    • Spectrometer overview update pdf - Juliette (<30 slides)
    • Engineering Overview pdf - Ernie
  • Presentation of draft talks (see Preliminary Agenda)
    • Questions and suggestions made during talks (see hand-written notes)
  • Discussion

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