Wednesday, June 8, 2016 1:30pm EST

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Last meeting: Thursday, April 14, 2016 11:00am EST


  • Javier's Pre-project Planning document, due soon (A-C3)

List of major subsystems
List of subsystems of each major system
Persons responsible for each subsystem
Schematic/list of subsystem cartoon
Estimate cost as well as possible (cite source: manufacturer, previous purchases, machine shop work, catalog, etc.) January 2016 Table
Labor estimate Labor

Packaging and shipping costs and timeline
Work timeline
Time for funds to come in
Procurement times

  • Javier's Pre-project Planning document (C6 - L2 manager compiles information)

Procurement Profile
Labor Profile
Timeline for contracts, hiring, funds transfers
Cost and Risk

Cameron's MOLLER CAD to-do list


Attending: Juliette, KK, Seamus, Cameron, Tyler, Rakitha, Jim

  • Cameron's slides
    • PMT shield
    • moveable collimators
      • between inner photon collimator and acceptance defining collimator (20 cm)
      • concrete shield is downstream
      • won't need to be cooled
      • one, both, none
      • upstream vacuum chamber not designed yet
    • update e- and gamma envelopes
    • "fix" detector locations
      • Sakib has a script that writes the detectors
  • shielding def'n into CAD
    • Rakitha will make sure repository updated
    • Seamus and Tyler will work to import into CAD
    • Jim can put shielding into CAD as well
  • Pre-planning document
    • schematic - Jim, Jason and Ernie will go over this carefully
    • cost - document okay for first iteration
      • vacuum chamber - budgetary bids
      • coils - just did a larger conductor version (may be at little cheaper)
        • 3 custom size conductor - eliminated interferences
        • need multiple power supplies
        • checked large versus small conductor as a second check
    • labor
      • Jim will look at it
      • preassembling everything at MIT
      • vacuum boxes?
      • full current test somewhere (MIT or JLAB)
        • map the fields
        • rent chiller
        • power supplies
      • Need more design work to produce engineering documents
      • testing prototype coils doesn't count in this costing/manpower exercise
    • long lead time items
  • re-baseline with larger conductor
    • get dimensions into TOSCA
    • simulate with new fields and make new envelope
    • recheck envelopes
  • Survey meeting in July
    • Robin, Jim, KK

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