Wednesday, Mar. 02: SWING Shift

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General considerations

  • BTA: SL makes sure to submit his/her BTA successfully and be shown in HALOG
  • Need shift crews for future

Specific mission

  • Production Run
  • Set up the beam without Compton chicane

Current Issues

Upcoming event(Short Term)

  • Note: MCC RF recovery (8:30-11:30AM, Thursday)

Access Wish List:(controlled access)
1/ Doug: Series of magnet measurement <: 30min/ no beam/ but beam permit
2/ Andrew Lumanog: (Call 327-5523) : <1hr
3/ Dave/Greg: check Compton laser profile : <1hr

Upcoming event(Long Term)

  • BCM calibration (high beam current 30uA(60 ideal),FC, invasive Hall-D(deal with them, possible tomorrow ??))
  • Target boiling test 30uA(60 ideal)
  • Detailed instructions


BPM/Spot++ Check

  • After beam lost for considerable time (like beam study, pass change,...)
  • Ask MCC to run 5uA wth carborn hole target and make sure you can see the hole through Spot++