Wednesday, March 16, 2016 1:30pm EST

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Last meeting: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 1:30pm EST


  • prototype coil
  • status of collimator


Attending: KK, Jason, Juliette, Jim, Ernie,

  • prototype coil tests
    • under SBU
    • where?
      • do at MIT Bates with SBU student/postdoc
      • do at SBU with MIT folks traveling
    • space for the prototype
      • with 20 ton crane
  • protoype coil cost ~$150k
    • need a breakdown of what goes into that
    • request a real bid
    • need to put together a bid package
  • what type of coil?
    • hybrid, full scale
    • hybrid, but shorter (same current densities, same cross-sections)
    • simpler racetrack coil
    • if shorter also could do Ernie's version also
    • might not have a working coil if full size anyway
  • need to "reduce risk"
    • doing two shorter hybrid-like coils w/ the two different conductor cross-sections
    • allows us to see if they can really produce bends
    • allows us to see if one or the other cross-section works
    • still allows us to test the bends
    • change number of outlets so that we still end up with the same length water circuits
    • if we built a full-size one it might not be a spare prototype anyway
  • deadline of May 1
  • collimator status
    • temp limit 100 C
    • pretty standard - no prototyping needing
    • what's next for the collimators?
  • Tasks for 2016
    • which JLAB engineers are going to be working on MOLLER stuff?
    • bid for prototype
    • main "background" collimator design
    • upstream torus design (water cooling, etc.)
    • other collimators
    • coil supports
    • collimator supports
  • Next meeting two weeks, then the 13th
  • MOLLER Collab. April 29-30

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