Wednesday, November 12: SWING Shift

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  • General considerations
    • Rakitha Beminiwattha is the current Run Coordinator. Please contact me directly via RC phone 757-876-1787
    • Follow the generic Instructions for shift takers
    • Shift leaders: Please make sure to fill out the beam time accounting form and write a "Shift Summary" log entry at the end of your shift
    • In general, technical staff should not be contacted by the shift crew - please call the RC first.
    • If the run plan calls for some significant period of beam at 10 uA or greater please call Mahmoud Ahmad, who would like to perform a parasitic beam diagnostic test (no impact to us). His contact information will be written on the white board in the Counting House.
  • Instructions for this shift
    • The only plan for tonight is to commission the Ion Chambers which will be done by MCC using tune/pulse beam
    • Shift crews are stationed to help this procedure. We only need one shift crew for this shift
    • The hall will be going to Restricted Access at 7 am. Call MCC at 6 am and remind them that we need to be in Restricted by 7.