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Meeting Minutes

Friday May 4, 2007
Present: J. Cornejo, G. Urciuoli, A. Saha, J. Lopez, K. Aniol

Next conference call: Monday May 21, 9:00AM EDT. Calls will normally be on Fridays every two weeks.

HRSR optics improvement: Guido
HRSL optics improvement: Joaquin

Fitting spectra with current data base:
Juan Carlos and Konrad:
12C, raster off, run 1196
Pb, kin04

Put all spectra from March run on web: Konrad
Make a user directory on experiment web page: Juan Carlos
Make a link on experiment web page for meeting minutes: Juan Carlos
Send analyzer formula for emiss to Juan Carlos and Konrad: Guido
Plan to present something for the Hall A meeting, June 21, 22, 23: All